Craig On the Issues

Craig is not a politician, but a neighbor who believes in public service.  For seven years he served as a member of the Midway Boosters, including time leading the organization as its president.  He has been an active member of the Heber Valley Chamber and served as the Vice Chairman on the tax advisory board.

For the past 12 years, Craig has been a leader in the city’s signature Swiss Days celebration, including serving on its executive committee. Craig currently serves as a Midway City Planning Commissioner.

Craig loves Midway. It is here that he and Nancy have raised several of their children and consider it “home”.

As a successful business leader, he has helped build one of Midway’s most popular attractions and contributed to the beauty and economic strength of the valley.  He believes in the necessary balance between supporting financial and physical security for Midway neighbors and families while preserving its beauty and spirit.

Believing that government which governs best governs closest to home, Craig understands the importance of the City Council and the influence of local leadership that is accountable and engaged daily with those it serves.  And never has this been more important than it is now, as Midway is being affected by change that is at once necessary and challenging.

He is dedicated to preserving our history, rural beauty, and agricultural community while promoting parks, trails, and recreation through careful and collective planning for land use and economic development.  In this way, Craig believes we can guarantee for our children and grandchildren the same blessings we have enjoyed. This, he believes can be accomplished successfully through common sense policies, constructive engagement, and public transparency, where all voices are heard and priorities are established that protect property owners, open spaces, natural resources, as well as employment and educational opportunity.

This is the kind of leadership Craig stands for, seeking counsel from all sides.  “Only in this way,” he says, “can we make sure that the cream rises to the top.”